Being the best you.

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Being a black adolescent high school girl has its tribulations. For example, I feel like it is instilled in us girls to compare ourselves to other females. Whether it be your hair or your skin or even your physique, there is always something that you have that I want. Physically.

For me however it can be both genders and it doesn’t only stop at your appearance but your intelligence, your achievements, your drive etc. I find myself comparing my drive to someone else’s, my involvement in my school community to someone else’s and so on . Crazy I know and it truly gets annoying.

I have to constantly remind myself that this is my life and if I want it to be better then I have to work towards it. However when I see someone doing well and achieving so much my initial reaction is happiness. I’m ecstatic that that person is living their best life. Secondly I begin to feel paranoid as if I’m wasting my life away and I’m watching it wither.

I then begin to think; I can wallow in my paranoia or I can get up and do something. I can try my utmost best to live my best life or I can watch in the sidelines and be the spectator. But you see how my ambition is set up, the latter is not an option.

I know it’s not going to be easy but nothing in life is. So I’m trying to appreciate the struggle and keep pressing on because that’s all I can do to reach where I desire to go.

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